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The Box - Level 1

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*Level 2 in the making*

The first level of 'The Box' series...i made it summer 2003, and my skills have improved since then, but i recently added sound to it making it slightly better to watch...
It's not the best quality, but i put a lot of effort into making it and hope it goes down generally well..
FatRat - ratCong.com

p.s. level 2 is being made and theres a screenshot at my website http://www.ratcong.com along with my other work :)


whitewolfe1 dude lay off

you gave 0's for stuff that the movie wasn't made for it's a killing animation it's not supposed to be funny and it's a movie it doen'st have to be interactive just because it didn't have some of the stuff you want in there doen't make it a bad mavie it was decent i give it 4/5 and 8/10 but thats because the animation could have been better and yes it could use music but it's still good, he may have been new to making stick movies at the time

O_O Sweet.

I really like the animation with this. Nice.

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good movie

that was a really good movie. nice and smooth animation gr8 flash
4out of 5

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I was going to say that this was just another stick movie before you gave me that incredible slow-mo kill that effect really did save your behind. The graphics are woeful though and i think you know that too. The sound effects were great though i really felt as if it were happening right next to me.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Not very Original...

This is the sort of mediocre entry I'd expect to see at SFDT...(haven't been there in a while...) and even If the graphics were better... levels? Come on man, I know you can do better then this. Well, here's the review... (brace yourself)

Graphics: Stick Figures went out of style a long time ago. Aside from that, as a flash artist, I know you used the line tool, so this animation probably toke you about a day to make... (By estimate...) You get a 4.

Style: This was the main flaw. It plays out like a crappy video game. And it was way too short. You get squat on this one. (aka 0)

Sound: All you had was gun shots. No music... no speaking.... No nothing... So... obviously you get nothing in return. 1. (And im being generous on this one)

Violance: No blood, no limbs, nothing but senceless shooting. 2. (but you really deserve a 1.)

Interactivity: A play button. Thats all you had. 0.

Humor: Nothing funny here. 0.

On average you get a 3. I hate giving bad reviews but this can't be ignored. I hope you improve on your animation, otherwise I suggest you get a new hobby.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2004
11:01 AM EST
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