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This is cool Action Rpg flash game..look like diablo style...fight and get exp. have many classes ..
(now edit something to ENGLISH)
--- class: ----
Basic : -have Rest skill and Dig the material in mine.
Knight: -strong with sword and hight def.
Archer: -attack from far rang..
Wizard: -damage monster by magic.
Thief: -fast movement and attack..

Thx for all you vote ..then I'll make some new version...!!

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soz to say but i wouldnt play for more than 5seconds on this booring game.
the music just makes me wana go to sleep


The graphics are nice and simple, but need more color and a bit better animation. The biggest problem of course is the fact that half of the game is in a foreign language (Russian?) and the English is riddled with spelling errors! To make things worse, the text is extremely small and almost completely unreadable. I did bypass this by zooming in, but still...

Also the music is extremely repetitive. Despite the fact that I absolutely love the music from Final Fantasy Tactics, looping it over and over on a very short loop gets very annoying. Also, the tabs and everything are not explained well AT ALL, and while everything looks very polished, one would still get the impression it was written in another language if it wasn't. Too many tabs!

The gameplay didn't work for me, seeing as my character refused to attack at all. And since I couldn't understand whatever language the game was in, I was unable to learn anything else about the game. The concept looks great and I can imagine it being really fun, but sadly there were too many things in the way for me to enjoy it properly, especially since the game really shows its age.

the idea is great , but

I like the idea , and I think that you could do much better then that , I'll give 10 for you just to wish you luck for developing this one into great game .. there are lots of great game creators , why dont you try to collabore with then ?

Were i can find the quest of master novice

were i can find master novice and thief master?


Everything is good except for the words because i cant understand it and also you can even save!!!!!!!!suck!

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2.81 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2004
2:14 PM EST
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