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Phone Personals

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This was done by the same person?? Yep... Flash gave me hell, so the artwork looks so bad! I'll probably touch it up again. This was a sudden-inspiration to parody Taco bell.


Funny stuff

Haha this did make me laugh abit, the art was ok, and the animation there was not much of it, anyways nice job

Add more to it, more content and more action all around

short but still funny stuff



there was barely any animation, but the drawings were alright, I thought that the end was funny and you had good timing when you cut to that scene. it might have been better if you'd drawn the taco bell dog rather than used the photo, since it would give the flash more consistency.

Good for a cheap laugh.

The graphics were pretty decent for the time. And the storyline was original. It could've been better, but it was good!


It wasnt' all that great, but the idea was good enough that this flash was enjoyable to watch. I would've liked to have a voice along with the background music, but oh well. There wasn't too much animation, but the graphics were pretty good. The Taco Bell dog at the end was quite funny, and it was a pretty good use of the personal phone idea. I mean, the dog is in fact cute and cuddly, haha.

Kinda funny, a bit crap though

It was a funny idea, it just needed a bit more to it, it was a bit on the poor side, but fortunately it was short and sweet rather than being unneccesarily long.

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2.52 / 5.00

May 27, 2000
6:07 PM EDT
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