darth vader-memories

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darth vader is bored... all alone in space with no friends... poor guy!
enjoy this short one (3 minutes and 22 seconds)!


What the?!?

Darth Vader doesn't have hair it was burned off (permenantly). Also the stormtroopers... their helmets looked odd. Also when Darth Maul died nobody missed him not even Darth Vader. Also Darth Vader chokes his commanders, he doesn't ship them out into space. And the only time Darth Vader kills people is when they disobey his rule.


1.) The graphics suck, you don't know how make good flash.
2.) what the hell was "I miss maul, boo-hoo" anakin skywalker was 7-10 when obi-wan killed him, theirs more I would say, but get the facts right dumbass


looks very good but one thing y did he look like a grunt from halo 2

and also y did the storm troopers in white respect him not salut him

funny but could be better

ludicrous and retartarded-ass like hell

that was jacked up! y did darth vader look so fat, and wtf is with the canadian accent? he barely does anything! he looks like gothic mickey mouse! that was worthless like a piece of mastershiznit

why is darth vader fat?

Oh yeah and why does darth vader have a canadian accent?

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3.24 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2004
9:01 AM EST
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