Flag Magic

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Just another little finger-pointing trick. :o)


same old trick

For all of the green flags, if you go to a yellow one on the same column and then go left and down you will always end up with the italian flag. So, E-haker, you did something horribly wrong.

Smart, but old.
very old.

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A trick

The movie was good. But the trick falled. When you come out on a other flag. She has it wrong. Try three time. But only the first one was correct because I came out on the Italian flag


This seemed fail proof. I tried both times, I wound up on the Italian flag, not sure how it worked, but it definitely worked and was a neat little trick. Ya, I've seen that gypsy in another one of ur magic tricks (the crystal ball one). Anyways, I just want to say that music is really creepy. It's a good flash, though with your artistic/animation skills, I think you can do way better than this.

A piece of shit - maybe Italian shit

This is a complete waste of time and a stupid animation. It does nothing and is not FUNNY!!

Fuck off with this SHIT!

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Huh? The Phsycic Failed!

Its Kind of funny because either i did something wrong,-or- there is a way to NOT end up with your finger on the italian flag!

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2.99 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2004
4:26 AM EST
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