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Merlin's Haunted Clock

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You might have seen Davd Copperfield or David Blaine do this trick in their TV specials... Now you can do it online.

(PS: Yes, Realmagic.net is my site.)


not bad

nice animation... but this trick is extremely old. i've seen this one been done many many times before and with more than just the numbers on a grandfather clock.

if you follow the rules correctly and not try to lie or cheat or anything you will ALWAYS land on the same number/space every time... there's no getting around it. i've seen it done before many times and it always works.

The reason its so funny is because is wrong.

Either you gave the wrong steps or you took away the wrong number.

yay for magic

heh that was pretty cool... it worked for me, i dunno, maybe all you people it didnt work for cant spell? gj m8 and make more magic


It was a fun exercise in interactivity. I was playing along, following all the instructions about picking a number and spelling it out, but then at the end it didn't work. My end number was 7, but then it was left with 6. I guess if it works sometimes, it will amaze those ppl it works for. Still, it was kind of neat to play.


I understand how these things work. It is math and excetera. This was a fun game. *my review sounds boring*

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3.00 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2004
3:22 AM EST
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