Cletus the Fetus ep 11

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sorry it's been a month since the last cletus episode on newgrounds but i went home over break and my computer didn't come with so yeah. this episode makes no sense but alot of people like it so enjoy and if you do like it, go to http://www.cletusthefetus.com and watch all 29 (yes I'm serious) episodes of cletus the fetus



Finally, we now know that Cletus is a religous person, something that I am sure people were wondeirng for a while. :) The audio needs a bit of improvement, as Cletus was nearly untelligible and the Old Lady just had the same old repeated laugh/ cough throughout the movie. One more thing I would change is the character's movements, and their backgrounds. It is fairly obvious that you intentionally wanted the background to seem like a panel, but it still could use some touch-ups.




They all rock!

Soooo.......Cletus the fetus is the only fetus to ever escape from an abortion clinic, He escaped from a trash can at the Golgotha abortion clinic. Now he hangs out with his friend Earl. Earl is twelve years old and has a crush on Athena who is seventeen year old
I love that intro! I think its the main reason Cletus the fetus has been succesful!
Nice work, keep it up.

that was freakin funny

Thats one of the funnies episodes of this series and also the anthem kicks ass keep it up.

Replying to Kid14's reply..

It was an awesome movie.. too short though. And why the loading took so long, was probably because you have a crappy computer.. it's not the movie itself.

Keep it up!

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Jan 13, 2004
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