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Finger Puppet Matrix

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i had to remake something for a school project (to give it some new meaning). so i made a finger puppet version of 'the matrix,' only with goofier action sequences, featuring dart gun fights. this was originally a 15gb file, so it is compressed like crazy.
(slightly) Higher quality version: http://alanthebox.com/sites-local/daydreammovie.htm

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This is actually quite nice

A hilarious spoof

This was an original take on spoofing. With finger puppet and crayon drawn environment. I loved how it followed the matrix with actual sound clips but put in something wacky and different then what happens in the actual movie. The action sequences were quite silly how they just rammed their bodies against each other and fired darts. All around a great spoof of the matrix.


THAT WAZ FRECKIN AWSOME but u just need to update it a little...this is the only thing u need to change...neo was in the same looking throughout the movie... u need to make his KOOL costume...u no w/ da kool shades and what not...other than that it was PERFECT!

best. matrix parody. EVER!

I loves how you used real audio from the movie and how the backgrounds where drawn!


This is quite probably the best thing I've ever seen.