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I don't care if you hate this series but I have a lot of fun making them!

I Had the flu, and many other things went wrong while I was recording, also this entire thing was improvised!

I bet you can tell.


this was horrible

it was the worst thing i have ever seen on ng. it was even worse than "fuck you, okay?" i swear that i could not even watch it the whole way through i was so disgusted i just got the he pzza part at the begining and at that point i just could not watch even though i was stuggleing to do so. plz stop submitting stuff like this it looks like something piconjo would let through. plz spare us next time.

ooohhh crap

this movie sucks. the grafix are lame and most of the time you cant even here what there sayin cuz the micraphone is cheap. If you want to see an awsome D&D spoof watch unfergoten relms.

sorry kid.

you did the whole thing on ms paint. then you converted it into a flash movie. not only is that kinda lazy, but the sound sucked. I suggest getting a better microphone and make the drawings look less crappy. the cartoons in home movies werent exactly well drawn themselves, but you can tell that someone at least tried. you did try, but not hard enough.


This here was pretty fun to watch, I mean, it somewhat felt like I was watching a real conversation going... well, south, if thats a decent analogy.
It's pretty original, it's nothing I havent really seen before though, but the shocking part about this is the friggin huge filesize.
Your other works are less then a meg, this one is up to 5.
Outrageous! But worth the wait I suppose. Nice work on that =)

You did good

Dude your cold made a better movie thank it ask it to come again another day puking block was funny make more

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2004
2:44 AM EST
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