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Dualism: Noun. Du-al-ism.
'dü-&-"li-z&m also 'dyü-
A doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good, and the other, evil.
Duel: Noun. Du-el.
'dü-&l also 'dyü-
A formal combat with weapons fought between persons.

This is the true battle of the century. The fight between good and evil, black and white, yin and yang, day and night, up and down, In 'N' Out (they're what hamburgers are all about), left and right, Ringu and The Ring, Ebert and Roper, grits and oatmeal.

It's on. Grab a seat.

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Here's another great cartoon because it just keeps going. It seemed like it would end pretty early. It was so cool to see good keep coming back. I guess it will never truly die! The animation is great too. I guess these guys were suppose to be like the shoulder angels.

You took a fairly simple concept and made it great. The best part was probably when they all came back at the end. It just shows how important everything is. I was already in a seat before watching this. It was just fun.

i would give 10

but only if you hade made an army of little demons instead of on that never dies or even got hit more than 10 times and nothing major, but nice flaming breath, and other wise good

dood i remember when this was new in the portal!

I ran into this and remember voting a 4 on it! but I was kinda harsh then.
The action and animation was awesome!

Could be better...

1)The divel and the agel are not so well drawn!
2)It could have a start button! (I needed To hurry to open the window cuz i browsed The browser ;D)
3)Make the Hit sounds (You probebly thinking: "Maybe if il make a background song so loud they well think there is a Mega party nearby!")
4)Make some *MORE* humor in thath :D (Ending a fight to the deats w\ a hand shake... POOR!)


Becuase i thought it was inspiring .... and awsome and keewl and l33t...


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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2004
3:20 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 10, 2004
  • Weekly 5th Place January 14, 2004