fight on birch hill

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This is my first flash ever. I realise there is room for improvement. If you could tell me what i should work on id appreciate it a lot. Well, bye.

The Freshy Meister

P.S. I realise there's no sound. . . My speakers are broken so it couldnt really do much.

P.P.S. i just added a preloader. For some reason it doesnt play, so just right-click the scen and click play. It should work. :)


It's deja vu all over again!

That was good! Not much of a story, though; maybe if you saw the monster kill the guy's family or something, and the sound, well, I understand. My favourite parts were [the two scenes] where the guy puts his sword back in its sheath, and when he steps back in the shadows and then lightning flashes on his face. My suggestions would just be sound and more story. Otherwise, graphics and storyboarding are good. Fiend. Oh yeah, and nice use of the motion guide!

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Freshy-Q responds:

Well arent you miss preachy. I jest. Thanks for your imput, steph. O god... should i not have used you real name???
Um.... LOOK OVER THERE! A THREE HEADED MONKEY!!!! (heh heh god im smooth)

thta was great

i liked it umm youve got skills.ummthe only suggestion is add sound but it really didnt need it.

not bad

just a little mor detail on the characters graphics, if you ain't got sound try text bars, speech bubbles of subtitles...

excellent start though and good size movie..

oh but the pre loder didn't seem to work..

not too bad

worth a look in but it isnt long enough and the hero looks really scruffy
but excellent start

Not a bad Start

Very good job with the graphics.. but a little more of a story would be nice.. and a little longer.. but its a really good start to something.. =)

Freshy-Q responds:

Thank you. Thats incouraging. Ill work on a better story next time. :)

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2.31 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2004
12:03 AM EST
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