Darkness of Evil

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I no longer decided to leave this uncomplete, so I finished this up just now.

Story: Jake and Mike Winderson flee from massive attacks of the Sed Coporation. After they run, they wind up in a mansion, in the middle of a forest. They decide to inspect it, to clear any Sed soldiers in there.

That white, "Thing" in the end is a Zombie that can still talk.

This is my shortest and stupidest of all my Flash Movies.



It was ok to watch.
I didn't like the style of the people, but that's just me!
Thanks for putting a skip button in there, but why not just skip it anyway? People don't want to watch poorly animated scenery moving lol.
Keep at it, something like this with alot better graphics would maybe get a good score, so.. KEEP AT IT!

DUDE! your gettin a dell

the movie was pretty good, not homepage good, but still had quality.lets keep on seeing this type of work


Great animation and great audio!(Paragon x kicks ass!)Yeah,the only thing that you need to work on is the graohics,otherwise this was great!Oh,and you could use some voices too ya know,instead fo those clock voices.?Keep up the good work!!!

Keep the good work,,,

You only need best graphics. But is cool. Just best graphics.

I liked this movie

I liked the music and the sound, The graphics were weird but I liked it anyways, the idea for the disapearing set of trees and moving was unique, and I thought the whole thing was funny.. the ending of course was great.

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2004
8:11 PM EST
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