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please review


Could be improved.

Well notbad it could be improved with some more effort and detail backrounds especialy, maybe add some different view shots, i wouldnt mind seeing it abit longer aswell, anyways notbad,



This was really strange. No plot whatsoever, and the flow of the movie was disjucted and random.

Oh wow, a little santaman. Boo!

This was the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen on newgrounds. I hope you go outside one day and find your dog hanging by its neck. you sicken me...and learn proper english. avengance isn't a word. barf! i bet your some wierd 18 year old with a goatee that lives in a room next to your parents, and you have an I Robot movie display in your room. Why don't you just go buy a Hyundai Tiberon and stop trying to make that ricer of yours awesome. it's not going to happen. i need a happy meal...in a blender.

u know

the art was actually pretty good, and so was the action...im not sure why everyone thought it was okay to shit on your movie...because it was actually pretty decent to good...anyway, obviously these assholes dont know what they're talking about...u deserve at least a 3 for tha tmovie, but im going to give you a five to make up for these assholes...

Getting there

Personally I think the section of the flash with landscapes and shilouettes looked fantastic, but you might have to work a little more on plot and up close animation. Speech bubbles are your friend! Otherwise, good work.

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2.42 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2004
5:42 PM EST
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