LOTR loves Viggo

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If you've ever watched the LOTR two towers extras DVD you may have noticed that everybody loves Viggo... if not you will have done by the end of this flash!

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funny stuff you got there

I'm a LOTR freak, and i think that Viggo was probably the best pick for Aragorn. Yet this video makes the whole "LOTR Saga" seem so lighthearted and a bit childish. I laughed for a while, especially when Dom came up, with his crazy laughter and all. Good one!


OMG THAT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY!Why dont more people like it that was damn good!LOL....

SO... Who the fuck is VIGGO

cockjockey responds:

Thanks, I don't think it's a case of not liking it, just nobody has seen it. And Viggo is our receptionist, he used to be an actor. He was in that Beethoven film, not the one about the composer but the one about the stupid St Bernards dog that goes around bumming everyones leg.

Great again

Another great movie. Different from PS3 in that it made more sense but thats what makes them both great. Never stop making movies.

cockjockey responds:

Bizarre. Just this morning I was thinking about not making any more stuff because people just aren't getting it. Thanks FiretruckJoe, just for that you're getting credited on our next movie. In fact, we might just dedicate the whole thing to you.


Wow, it's a smart movie on newgrounds! 99% of the movies on this site are extremely stupid, and it's really refreshing to see a clever, funny, and well-made movie like this. Kudos to you, and may all those who voted low on this contract acute venerial diseases.

cockjockey responds:

Nice to have a smart reviewer too. Usually, it's "crap" all zeroes, or "amazing!" all 10s. Both completely useless as it tells us nothing about where we're going wrong/right. Thanks for the input, and may you enjoy good sexual health til the rest of your days.

it's true viggo IS THE MAN

i dunno what else to say.

cockjockey responds:

teh end bonar

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3.91 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2004
11:40 AM EST
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