Shaolin Invincible Sticks

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This film was inspired by chinese cheesy kung-fu movies. If you have seen one you'll know why the voice acting is so bad, and you will also find it alot funnier! If you haven't actually seen one, first you NEED to see one!!!! and you won't find it that funny. Please reveiw it, and don't cross it as soon as it says the end, there are special features (and no annoying credits!)


Just like a bad kung-fu movie!

I love bad kung-fu movies.They are so funny and entartaining(especially the dubbed ones).You made a good bad kung-fu movie adaptation.I think this movie was pretty good.You should make a sequel


jesus. this IS like a bad kung-fu movie, and that's not a good thing!

Idiot145 responds:

hehehe, that was kinda the whole point! aint nothing wrong with crappy kung fu movies, so we made a crappy flash kung fu stick death.

that sucked

why did that guy sound like a cheap rip off of Yoda????
it had such crappy acting too:P

Idiot145 responds:

That was the point fool. it was supposed to be like a bad kung fu movie. didnt think it sounded like yoda though. you obviously suck!


if ur gonna use stick figures it should at least b good...

Idiot145 responds:

what kind of a review is that icant even believe i'm responding.... TWAT!

You shall never defeat my review HA HA!

The animation was somewhat laking. I want to know... What was that moronic clanging in the background? Anyways it got me laughin a bit but please try to improve upon the movie.

Idiot145 responds:

you are obviously a twat who can't spell. whats laking? i didnt see any laking in the animation. and how can you clang moronically? your review wasnt even worth me reading so just don't bother in future ass!

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1.87 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2004
3:14 PM EST
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