SecretAgentRege in Dr.BO

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"SecretAgentRege in Dr.BO" is a mocking tribute to one of the greatest gentleman spies of all time: James Bond 007, starring me, SecretAgentRege.

This is my first Flash Release.

This movie-spoof pokes fun of the incredibility and ludicrousness of most of the James Bond movies which is what makes them fun to watch in the first place.

Chapter Selection: Watch to the end of the credits for the key.

I may add voice instead of text in the future. It's alot of reading, sorry.

If you aren't familiar with or have never seen a James Bond 007 movie, or don't know me personally, then this movie probably won't interest you too much, sorry.

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it was okay.

some parts were funny, like the sky-humping and the how he caught the disk mid-air with his face. the drawings could have maby been better but as a first submission i think you did well. voice acting i think is what would have earned you the extra 2 points here, it felt slightly empty without it but otherwise its a good flash. just another thing though man, you dont need to go over-defensive towards peoples reviews. ive seen a few of your cartoons and on many of the reviews which might not have been in favour of your submission, you have struck back at with be-littling comments and excuses for the reasons they did not enjoy it as much. "just shy of an award (there were some good entries that day)." spoken by the devil himself.. and like i said the belittling comments to those who gave crap scores .. it makes it look like your ego is easily hurt so you feel the need to bite back twice as hard to level the field. im not having a dig at you if thats what this looks like, im just sayin something which i hope you will acknowledge for your own benefit.( i went to school with the overdefensive kids that thought they knew it all and everyone hated them and gave them a hard time). if someone gives a harsh review just take it on the chin and say to yourself 'alright they didnt like that because of this, ill work on that next time' because flexing your lingual skills trying to show that you might be smarter than them, or not boosting yourself but just putting down their own oppinions realy sucks and when people see these things they will almost everytime take the side of the person your tryna shit on. u might not care about the other people on the site dude, i couldnt give a shit if any of these dudes liked me or not... i'll never see any of them in person. but doesent mean im gonna bag them because i feel safe behind my comp. just think dude, it might make u feel good to put people down with whit bout doesent mean u should do it.. and thats all from me on that, i dont think ur a wanker or anything and u have submited some good flash works but i wanna see these insulting reviews taken down a notch. as for this 8/10 4/5


sweet good job your good.i like the character hes ubsesed with sex but hes still cool bye!

ha ha

God that was hilarious really reminded me of the leasure suit larry games on my old 'amega. I just loved the character and it was great I saw the other one you made but i though it was better without voices but maybe you could make a better one to continue the fact of what i actualy forgot heh


Oh please, look into my eyes and tell me you showed that to your mom. =P


Brilliant flash :D

It has all the best parts included for a perfect James Bond spoof. Great work, I wish I could vote higher than 5, this deserves to be so much higher ranked.

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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2004
2:08 PM EST
Comedy - Parody