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Music Reading Test

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Author Comments

This game tests the players knowlege in both bass and treble cleff. Try to beat your old scores based on the timer.

I know its nothing special, it took me a couple nights to make, but I only started actionscript a couple days ago. So if you think its easy and it sucks, give me a break.

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This thing, this thing OOZES with pottential! I can't give it a higher score in regards that it can be much, much better...

I'm afraid myself, I couldn't make much use of this, my ear's good with pitches and such, but there was absolutely no sound to reinforce what note was given. I've been reered on Solfege all the way, I don't even KNOW what that system of naming notes is called. :o( Perhaps having an option to have it both in that term and standard Solfege would be neat, as well as being reinforced with hearing the note being played, that way you can also practice your pitch in the process instead of mere note naming. :3 A possible idea would be a button of sorts that would identity all the notes on the staff briefly so folks can know what they're dealing with, then maybe up the ant with flats and sharps... Well, you could do a whole heck of alot more with this, I'd like to see you make it happen. On with the review!

Graphics: Simplistic, served it's purpose well. the "Play" icon was nifty.

Style: Sadly, such a thing has been done before, fact you went ahead and made your own out of flash is still an accomplishment for a first timer using action script.

Sound: Blotto. Biggest problem was the total lack there of. :o( Especially considering it all deals with sound in the first place! Kinda defeats the purpose I find.

Violence: Technically zero, but got a 1 by frustrating me with alien things I couldn't even identify. "WTF? That's Sol... But... It's... Ack." -bows head in shame-

Humour: There's just none, sorry. :3

Overall: Coulda been much better, but you've got pottential to get this to be a nifty project, keep it up!

Woo hoo!

Good job G. This is really great. I'm glad you're learning new stuff and I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into this!!!! Yay Graydon! lol... PS... You're HOT! tehe

STi-Striker responds:

Uhhmm... no..

In Response to Deluwiel

I know what's going on...

You choose a note at random. But occasionally(sp?) it chooses the same note 2 or 3 times in a row. This gives off the impression that the note is stuck or you got the answer wrong even though you where correct with your first guess.

I thought the note was stuck as well until I realized that my "Wrong" count was not increasing. Adding a line of code that insures this random note is not the same as the previous random note will fix this issue.

Other then that, this is a great game. I've been playing guitar for 10 years and things like this even help advanced musicians keep their skills in tune. After all, I've gotten so use to reading Tab that I was a little slow at first to remember the notes. Great Job.


this is sooooo cool, its helping me cuz i havent been reading music that long. but the thing is, sometimes it keeps freezing on notes, and i keep getting them wrong when i click the note again because it hasnt changed, but apart from that its good.
Deluwiel the elf

STi-Striker responds:

Hummm, not sure about whats going on there. What I do know is that its all random, so the same note might appear again after you get the previous one right.

Even though the game was stupid, all 10's <3

I don't see how this took you a couple nights. :/
I made my only Daily Feature winning drumset in one night. 2 hours or something.

STi-Striker responds:

Like I said, I am new to actionscripting, i only started it a couple days ago, I have no Idea what the hell im doing.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2004
7:02 PM EST