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Strawberry Clock expresses his dislike of foamy......


I'm just gonna pretend this hate poem is for someone else. Like my ex or something. ^^

a-nticlock is right

Bashing great work is hypocritical as you freak out on ppl who bash CC work,
Illwillpress's flash gets straight 4's while urs are gettign 2s n 1s.
Plz change ur style for i fear you guys wont be around long 8P


Why is it that when someone makes fun of the clock crew you flip out but now you think you can make fun of a FAR better artist.


This is going to turn into a rant, I can just feel it...

I'm not a fan of the clock animations by any stretch. This isn't a problem for me, as I simply choose not to watch them. That is, until it has something to do with an animation I DO like; Foamy and Ill-Will Press animations. Give it a go and what do I see? Wanton hatred for no apparent reason. What purpose does it serve? What in the hell does it matter to you? If you don't like it, don't watch it! Nothing simpler than that! Or are you running out of ideas for your animations? Sticking clocks on various nouns and calling it a whole new character with the same bland computer-driven voice..... yeah.... I suppose the creativity was lacking right after the clock part; THAT was unique to be sure.

If this flash was supposed to have any sort of comical value, it is really weak. Try appealing to the lowest common denominator some more.

This shlock sucks the cock of Strawberry Clock!

..... ooh so difficult....

this is just wrong

i'm sorry but when you say foamy sucks it's like when someone makes fun of a clock,lock or glock flash,you all say thats wrong cause they just hate clocks,well your kinda doing the same thing,saying foamy sucks,so if you don't like when your flash movies are blamed just because they're clock movies or cause they're made by clocks,don't start blamming foamy movies oh and before you start to say,i haven't even made any flash i really don't care ok,and no i'm not anti clock i like both clock and neurotically yours movies

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1.75 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2004
11:04 AM EST
Comedy - Parody