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space killer

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a old classic


unoriginal and crap

this is just space invaders with a screaming dog moron

russss9 responds:

i love my dog aka your mother.


Music doesnt fit very well...
the game engine is good... and with that you could improve the graphics... otherwise its a really unoriginal game

russss9 responds:


pro as

loved it and stefidge, my god get a life and stop impersonating sean paul you idiotic fool

russss9 responds:

cheers m8

I am Sean Paul

I don't appreciate you saying that I, Sean Paul sucks because I have never sucked before and I have made more money than you because I, being Sean Paul, if you havn't noticed have made many top ten hits and because of this I have been given money from my label as I am Sean Paul and I don't appreciate you saying about me because I have had many top ten hits and because of this my record label has given me money and that is alot more money than you get from your record label and I don't appreciate this because I am Sean Paul.
Good Day

russss9 responds:

oh my yes.


It was a classic when the controls were in the keyboard. now it's not. besides that, there seem to be a lot of cloacked ships that you don't need to destroy, for the enemy shots comes out of completly random places. Not that fun.

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Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2004
8:18 PM EST
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