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Badger Doom 1.6a

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NEW!! Version 1.6a
Alright I thought I had updated this, but it turns out I completely forgot about it. This is just a minor patch that adds some cool changes, which I made literally months ago ^^ Ah well, have fun, looking forward to the responses ;D

-Made the snake go past actually behind the badgers
-Made the main menu look cooler :D
-Changed the muzzle flash
-Changed the shotgun firing sound
-A couple of other minor changes :)

And yeah thats it :) I may get back to this when I'm not doing something else, but hopefully I'll make a new version soon, which incorporates weapons and powerups. Any other suggestions or questions, just email me.


The first of KnK Co's (hopefully) many flash things. KnK is kraZy n' Kouler, just FYI.
Kouler: Me n Krazy made this game for those who are familiar with the Badger song by Weebl. Enjoy ^_^
kraZy: This movie was done almost entirely by Kouler. He knows more about actionscript than I ever will, and has more patience to boot. All I did was the idea and fixing some glitches.
Good God in heaven, I hate those damn badgers.

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Man i remember playing this i use to be really good at the game now im not good :p

Goddamn wtf

idk what I just played but jesus I had a gewd time


very fun and very fast, lots of things going on and I love it!

Goddamit this is impossible without like turbo on my razor mouse lol. I managed 505 frags before I got badgered tho lol 10 years on, it's still remembered so you win a fuckin medal m8

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3.96 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2004
8:10 PM EST