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Hey there!
Erm...I made this game hoping to make it expansive, but i really dont feel like adding levels and all that crap. It's just pointless.
This game is pretty addictive, that's what people say. And if you think I stole everything from that helicopter game, well you're wrong because i scripted this all by myself...it wasn't hard at all.
Okay have fun!

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Too hard


i like UFO's...that why i gave you a 7...

awesome but,...

can you please give me the source code for that. or a code that makes something go up when the mouse is down( so you don't have to click) please. im begging you. ive been looking for a code like this forever. and maybe the level code thing (cuz its random i think) i wouuld be enteraly gratefull.

Good, simple game.

Easy and fun to play, a basic concept, but it's difficult to win and fairly taxing.
Sounds are OK, maybe could have used a few more, something like a background music track.
The graphics are functional and clear. Better than average, with scope for improvement as well.

Improvement in time, great start! like the file size! 60.4 kb for a game like this is excellent!

its exactly like ribbon

its the same thing as the cellphone game ribbon, or the helicopter game on ebaums world.. you have talent, but that game has been overdone.