"The Elements"

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this is a short poem that i put to music and added some basic graphics. please, if you don't like poetry don't view this movie- there's no violence, killing or gore!

if you like it visit my web site at http://floetry.netfirms.com/


Very nice indeed

This was very good i liked it and you have good skills in the way of the poems, glad i saw this you should think about making more of these great stuff.




This is well wrighten man. i love how you tell about all the elements and dont stick to one for more than 1 sentence. this is also well because the last part is about a diffrent element the element of time. that was put in very well. its not realy an element but how you wright you are very persuwasev! i graded this as a poem not a movie. so in its own way its awsome. i love it and its a very deep poem.


Your poem is actually one of few i really liked. Your linking all the elements togther so well is very admirable. I hope to see more of your poems on newgrounds.

i liked it ^^

i really liked your poem, the graphics were quite nice, but the flaming "the elements" was quite distracting, and really had no point. i also noticed that the music didn't loop seamlessly, but its not too bad.

wut a piece of shit

omg i seriosuly threw up when i saw this..omg it sucked so much! go and put it up ur ass. it sucks more than jay lenos jokes! IT SUCKS! dont ever bother fuckin submit a movie ever again! it blowed i tell u! BLOWED! Elements? wtf is with that? Oh yea ur cool...u got the ELEMENTS!! u must be a single 45 year old man that can't get a chick so he makes "elements" as his friends and still loves 2 hear pokemon in his dreams! SO FUCK U I DONT WANNA SEE UR NAME ON THIS SITE EVER AGAIN!

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2.94 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2004
11:01 PM EST
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