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Vehicular Homicide

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My first game: Vehicular Homicide
Controls: WASD to drive and SPACE to break
Have fun and show no mercy!

Note: A lot of people may see the word "kills" in the game and the veriable number as different fonts than the static words, this shouldn't happen, when I tested the program there were no clipping issues or different fonts for the variables, I don't know why it did this.

UPDATE: The reason for the wierd numbers is that I was using fonts that most people dont have installed.

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Rest in peace my friend.

Good Idea, Wrong Excecution

I like the idea for this game a whole lot, and was expecting the game to be pretty fun.

Unfortunately, one fatal flaw made this game a complete bore.

The game map is much too small. I must have spent 45 out of the 60 seconds I spent playing this game backing up and manuevering my car away from the walls. I enjoyed the second here and there I could of running over people, but the rest of it sucked. Expand or eliminate boundaries, please.


Its kind of fun but it needs some goals.
I am making a racing game but I can't draw good cars. Can you please draw me about 5 cars and send the .fla to gun2gun@hotmail.com


Awsome game. Changed my view about driving games. You had a little trouble with the text: 'KILLS'. After I gained the last rank, I decided to continue ranking, and at about 600 kills, I thought 'maybe there is an easter egg in 1000 kills, like saying I have no life'. Unfortunently, there wasn't.
It would have been funny.

calculon000 responds:

Rest Assured, I WILL put easier eggs upto 2000 kills in the next one. (Which won't be too hard, because I'll try to make the game less repetitive. I didn't put one at 1000 for this game because I though everyone who played it would get boered by then and quit, but I'm glad people like my game enough to play it past 600 kills! :)

Really neat

The car physics are pretty good. Erm, aside from that, the sound was great. I liked the tetris theme a lot, and that goofy one (#2). Nice touches. Good lookin piece of flash.

calculon000 responds:

Thanks :) The tetris theme will defenitely be included in the next one.