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I have already submitted this to a different profile and because the password got all screwed up I have to re-submit it. Please review.


Not good ..

Games of Shootin', Reflex, "Find It", "Luck", Misc.

These are all nice games but they all lack one thing. RANDOMIZATION. It's no fun once you've won to see that the position of ALL items do not change or shuffle or randomize the 2nd time around.

A package like this was done for GBA called GOBS OF GAMES. You might look to that to see how you can add to this and how to randomize certain elements.


Ha it was the blue wire

its allways teh blue wire, this is a nice timewaster, i kinda wish the correct answer would change after a while thou


i think it whould be better if you can win the game

Gizzle responds:

I personally am the only one I know who can do the last to Reflex games. Mini Game Mania 2 is turning out a whole hell of a lot better, though.

you wanna rip of my arms and legs?:O

Hmmm..... i dont know why but i have played this game before(ahh thats why i have thes strange nightmares....).

I must say that this is an amazing piece of crap.....

you mannaged to place over 10 or something(i didnt want to count the games) crappy games... and then becasue you want attention you post it again....

Try to make some new games.....and please dont post them over and over again....

Merry Easter..... and a happy summer vacation

lots of fun games

this was pretty fun i liked it

could be better graphics
also more games

but it was still fun games

good job

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Jan 2, 2004
7:10 PM EST
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