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Circle of Jerks

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Author Comments

Next time it will be better we promise. Because there will be robots. Thats right bitches...ROBOTS!

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Monotonous indeed...

The graphics were lame, there was almost no style to speak of, the sound effects were generic, and it was just too damn long. However, this submission is not completely terrible. The voice acting was acceptable for a Flash and some of the humor was pretty funny (specifically the Mario appearance). For the most part, however, this video is quite unimpressive and is really a waste of time to watch. Pass this one up.

Good Job

Yah, this as ok, at least it was funny.

Art/Animation = 6/10
The art was ok. Better than stick figures, but it's nothing special. The animation was basic and bland though.

Sound = 1/10
Ack, sorry, the sound in this sucked. No music, annoying loud voices, and it gave me a headache when they told cinderblock to shutup.

Originality/Plot = 4/10
It was ok, but nothing original. Reminds me of Bananaphone when angry guy smacks stoner.

Style = 7/10
It was very funny at some points, and I think that's what you were trying to accomplish. The slo-mo toke, and speed racer style "gasp" were very funny, and out of the blue.

Overall = 6/10
It was good. Funny and to the point. But I don't get the point of making one guy blatantly metro, why?

That was pretty good ..

Pretty amusing to see two dudes in a flaming house exchanging a joint watching TV.
Poor Cinder Block. :)

Good graphics, animation, presentation, and nice job on ending creds .. AnalClap ? That's not a nice name to call someone ..


Gee, that's wacky.

That was funny. They burned down that guy's house. And there was a chinese guy in there. But what's up with "ANUS CLAP" in the credits?

Shut up sinderblock! (or something like that)

Pretty funny shit man! Way better than sadflags.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2004
1:31 PM EST