Madness Evil Preview

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Early version of Madness Evil.
Creator: Fx2
Characters Created By: Krinkels
Special Thannks: Krinkels & you


where did you get the characters from???

did you get these of a website or what?

Read this.

Here goes.

GRAPHICS - 5 -The graphics were actually okay. Good job. There were some exceptions. The background was gruesomely plain and the blood was pretty messed up. Also, that one hand was messed up proportion wise. Not so bad though.

STYLE - 1 - Too short. 10 seconds isn't enough. For anything. I didn't want to see more of this anyways. The animation was very poor and choppy. However I have seen much worse. The fps needed to go up and you needed to put in more keyframes according the the fps. The start glitches too by the way.

SOUND - 0 - There wasn't any music or sound effects. That's really bad.

VIOLENCE - 1 - Well.. It was violent for 10 seconds. But it's so unrealistic. I don't know what the hell happened to the first guy, so I'll just ignore that. The blood on the wall was possibly the worst thing about this flash poorly drawn, unrealistic and unanimated. And since when does being shot in the head twice make your skull cave in and chip off the side of you head? And where did the side of his head go. Moving on, anyways.

INTERACTIVITY - 0 - No preloader or play button. There isn't anything for this.

HUMOR - 0 - Is this really supposed to be funny? I don't think so.

OVERALL - 1 - I would give you more. I could stand the animation since the graphics almost made up for it. But the violence was messed up, it was so fucking short and there was no sound. It is indeed a work in progress. Actually, this is a preview. Let me blow some steam on that.

Previews must stop polluting the portal. Crews and previews are actually outnumbering quality flashes, and it's sad. Previews do not belong in the portal. They belong in the NG Alpha. I say there should be a whistle thing that says "This flash is a Preview"

There isn't though. Just next time put previews in the NG Alpha, okay?

I hope I helped you.

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I cant say this is bad...

I cant say this suxs knowing that it was that flash that started the madness series.... it wasnt that bad.. it just seemed like a scene was cut out of one his his madness movies.. thats all

Yo sup

awful dude, it sux

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Um... iit suck

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2.07 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2004
6:12 PM EST
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