Soft Outer Crust Ep#4

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The S.O.C. characters have a small tiff involving a certain matching pair of pantaloons.

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This was very weird, but I did like it. When I heard the title, I thought it would be an instructional video about cooking. The title is pretty random. It's nice to see your other work besides "Banana Phone". Then again, I really didn't think that was a classic to begin with. You were smart to have that music at the end.

I love the swirling rubber ducky. I like the joke about getting blood on him. I just really like how surreal this whole thing is. It's just random jokes, but it is pretty funny. It's still too short.

The Ending Cracked Me Up

Nicely done lad, the beginning showed a nice representation of Soft Outer Crust with little character development but still more than none. Some pretty good comedy in this with him randomly punching some guy with lame pants and the quality of animation was well worked on keep up the great work with that. The ending was very hilarious and lively with a great music track that everyone enjoys.

Because it was all just one simple setting the animation could have vastly been improved. Also it wasn't all that funny because it was quite predictable and a lot more could have been added to the flash itself to add more to the pace and sense of timing. Also the plot was pretty numbing as they were just swearing at eachother over who had the pants longer up until that random pedestrian showed up.

An interesting premier to the series for Newgrounds and a funny flash to watch although it doesn't have much of a replay effect for anyone looking for some good comedy.

-TY Reviews

Short and random

This was a very short animation, devoid of any backgrounds or major animation. The three characters were very much the focus of this, and it seems like it would take several episodes of this length to get to know the characters better.

It seems like this may be an enjoyble series, but if all the "plots" are as random and slight as this one, then I can see myself quickly tiring of their shenanigans.


so funny

Silly short

That was one silly little flash short,the character design was simple yet solid and the voice acting was good but the plot was great and overall i got a good laugh from it,nice job.

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2001
2:55 AM EST
Comedy - Original