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Los Dias Sin Dias

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Plus fortes que l'alcool, plus vastes que nos lyres,
Fermentent les rousseurs amères de l'amour!

(Artur Rimbaud , "Le Bateau Ivre")

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Beautiful... Just Beautiful... I can't explain why I'm saying that, it just is... I've got a pretty good Idea what the film itself mean's, and it's sort of an uplifting message... the symbolism isn't hard to catch... specially at the end, I love that part. Damn, this movies amazing, though some slightly hardheaded and moronic people might say that it doesn't make scence, think about it. I love this movie.


Wow... So beautiful and yet very eloquent. Not an easy thing to accomplish when doing a black and white silent animation like this. Stunningly good looking I might add.

J'adore le message.

That was really a very emotional cartoon. I'm glad it's getting this recognition. The best part is probably the message it sends. It's simply about coming to terms with your own mortality. It all comes together so well at the end. I'm glad everything worked out in the story, more or less.

The music was fantastic too. It fit the mood wonderfully. I just loved the use of blue in this and how the colors all came together at the end. It really does teach you about spirituality. You should be making more stuff here now.

almost 11 years later and this is still one of my favorite clips on newgrounds... thank you for creating this

was very sad at end how u rote for da 1 YOO LUVEd

dosnt dat meen day diED (am i followin)