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Lazy Flabby

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For those of you who don't listen to the Howard Stern Radio Show, here's the backstory. "Crazy Cabbie" is a VERY annoying tattoo-covered DJ who comes on Howard's show from time to time. He constantly whines about how he doesn't have any money and has Gulf War syndrome. He just got out of rehab for an addiction to crack cocaine. Cabbie has often made homophobic comments on the show(calling someone a "fag", etc.). BUT, recently he has admitted to ENGAGING in homosexual behavior, himself, including "gloryholes" and anal sex. Oh, and the douche got himself fired from the radio station for playing Pantera after being told specifically NOT to.

EVERYONE who listens to Howard's show hates Cabbie, but Howard likes him, so he keeps bringing him back. Trust me, if you heard this guy, you'd probably hate him, too.

There's quite a bit of frame-by-frame in this, so if its a little too jerky, you might want to bump the quality setting down to medium or low.

Hope ya like it :)

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To the dude below

What do you listen to? Britney spears? Or the vibrations of your mother's dildo?
And it appears that more people like pantera than hate them you waste of semen. Here's a hint, prevent pollution stop breathing.

ho-hum another group of Pantera fans whining...

I thought this was a good cartoon. I thought it was pretty good, and there was some awesome humor in it (pretty much every tattoo he showed made me crack up). It could have been better, but this is a good example of how to pick a good topic, and execute your ideas well.

and yes, make sure you all whine like bitches when he displays his dislike for a band, you morons.

Pantera rules, and you probably live in a basement

"Vulgar Display Of Bad Music"
I know that was an attempt to be funny, but seriously, drink bleach.

I have to give overall 4

Pantera kicks ASS! They are the vulgar cowboys from hell.
Pantera does rock though.


This was possibly one of the worst clips I have run across in a while. When I saw a mention of Howard Stern, I decided to watch it because although Howard Stern is perverted and slightly retarded, he is still partly funny. But no, to my dismay, this clip was not funny as I had expected, but instead increadably stupid and overall not very good. Maybe if you gave it somewhat of a point, it may just possibly not suck that much.

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2.56 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2001
11:32 PM EST
Music Video