gun min Fight

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this is my cartoon hope you like it



^^Good Points^^
This wasn't too bad. Some of the fighting was pretty creative, especially at the end with the motorcycle smash.

^^Needs Improving^^
You have so much going on here, which leads to such a great opportunity for you to have great sound effects, but you completely ignored this, which was a bad move on your part. The animations were pretty crude; half of the time punches didn't even reach the targets, and the graphics were primitive too. Really no good coloring or background drawings.

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well, this is one of your better works....

but sadly, that isn't saying much, i mean the other ones i've seen you do were subpar, and i'm a very optimistic person. it was a ripoff of madness, and i didn't like the peoples colour in it, lame at best. They did however seemed to move rather smoothly, at least the main guy did. But you really, really need to put more time and effor into everything you do. And if at all possible, try to give things an actual story, because without it its just another random I kill you just because movie. try harder or just stop altogether.

for the person who said its rip...

he cna go sucka cock, then shuve it where the sun dont shine, anyways its verey good, for me i dont relieve in copy, a perosn makes his own idea, doesnt matter on the ideas graphics, i see no fight scene like urs, so its origional, luv it, and even more the kawasaki-looking bike! man nice work, lol funny that the guy had his head run over :P


Next time you decide to do a fight scene, dont do a rip off madness. The only thing you did in this movie was make madness look bad.

It's okay, but...

Sometimes a song isn't appropriate for a fight scene just because you like the song itself.

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1.76 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2003
10:06 AM EST
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