A Merry Clock Christmas

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I couldn't "completly complete" this one as like others and I needed to finish it by christmas so it is kinda short, but still it's alright, not that good though, I've been practicing at drawing in flash for months and I got a graphic tablet a few months ago too, I've been trying to get my "ideal" style and I got this style, even though the style didn't come out as I expected it's good enough for me, there isn't that many clock's in this one, just me and Dini, the rest are humans, you will see that I've become alot better since my last movie, anyway season's greetings! Merry Christmas! Enjoy my movie! Vote fifteen!
I just noticed that the music start's playing when the text is rolling, it's suppose to start after that wierd white smile smiles.

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This was well done and I understand that you didn't want to throw away the holiday. I often read other reviews before reviewing, so I noticed people still bitched even though you had a good reason for not finishing. Maybe one year you'll finish it. And if you do, please get rid of that long pause where santa is in the doorway that comes before the part when he kills a nice kid with a gift and a naughty kid with a rock.

Santa claws is coming to town!



It's barely worth the effort of writing this review, and DON'T MAKE EXCUSES!!!

Melior responds:

Compare your artwork with mine, but compare it to my latest artwork.


well, i actually hoped you gained more intelligence since your last submissions weren't really loved.

But, your still the ignorent person without any experience just like I used to know.

rofl, rofl, rofl.

Barely passing . . .

Know what? No one carez if you wanna spend time with your fuckin family on Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, Ramadan or Kwanzaa. R33L clokz don't put their fuckin family first, dipshit. If you were a R33L clock, you'd know that flash wuz a priority over family, but I guess you're too much of a square 2 C wutz goin down. I think I'll vote zero just becuz I don't like you very much. Oh, and Walt Disney sure as hell didn't sing that song, either.

BOTTOM LINE: Get this guy some cianide.

-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

Melior responds:

I see, so you say that you should spend time on a flash movie on Christmas day working you'r arse off just so some 12 year old geeks like you can say it's crap without even watching rather then spend time with you'r family actually celebrating Christmas in REAL life?
Interesting... Why don't you go out you'r front door into that room with a blue ceiling with big houses everywhere? Seriously, get a fucking life.

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2.81 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2003
10:26 AM EST
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