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Where's Ollie? 3

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It's finally here! WO3! 2.65 megs of goodness!

+Kill the innocent people
+Timer counts down
+Improved graphics
+No "tab cheat"
-No women in this one...sorry, but I was too lazy to model 'em

Requires a powerful computer - the more powerful, the better!

Secret level: You have to do something in the second mall level to get to it.
Level 4: Theives are often attracted to balaclavas.
Level 5: Partly concealed by a tree.
Level 6: Use logic! You're looking for a crooked cop.
Level 7: They're not together, but they are on the same floor.
Level 8: Somewhere near the back...
Level 9: He's in plain view, just look hard.

If the cursor lags a lot...it's cause you need a faster computer. Try hitting "q" to switch to low quality.

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ive always liked your games

well done this i=s your best one yet!!!

when you making no.4?

GDawg1987 responds:

Unfortunately, I'm probably NOT making no.4. Like, ever.

I mean, I used all I got on WO3, aso any other sequels would jus be same thing, new levels. Which I don't want to resort to.

Arrrr. that music

The idea is fresh and good. Only why that music that slow down the game. you can not good pointing than. Very anoning

GDawg1987 responds:

Uhm, I'm pretty sure that's not the music slowing it down. It's the sheer number of people on the stage.


Effing great. The only thing i think the next one should have is have some of the people run. But very great work.Keep them coming.

Fucking awsome game

This game is pretty fun. I cant get through the level where u got only 1 bullet tho. I gave it a 4 in humor cause its pretty funny shooting random ppl. N by the way nice metalica song(Enter Sandman) Keep it up.

An ok engine, but gets repetetive after some time

It's an ok game, graphics and engine is allright, not very funny though, and I found it very repetive.