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Hey, this isn't just to advertise. We think it's pretty funny too.

Anyway, we got a DVD with a bunch of TN stuff on it. check it out.


Extra Unnecessary Info:

We did this mainly because we started saying "'s nobodies episode 5 on DVD!" after anytime someone said Tomorrow... like dorks, and then we filmed this, figuring it might be nice to get the word out about the DVD.

ben was Louis Armstrong, we found those condoms during the taping, this was filmed by Eric and ben only, and we didn't have a "thing" to do tomorrow; oh! and the DVD is out now.. not tomorrow.

the song:
"I see DVDs new, from these crackers white. It's got TN5, which I'm sure will delight, and I think to myself - what an affordable two-disc DVD package from Tomorrow's Nobody!"

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It's rare we see live-action stuff. A little variety can be good. I liked how it was shown on a TV. It's too bad the DVD has been discontinued. I never see DVDs for Internet stuff. They must be rare.

You guys look like you're having fun. I can always appreciate that. The puppet's pretty cool. You guys have funny voices. Well, you need them for cartoons!

I'd get it if it was avaliable

Nicely done, all through out, got the message across well while still being funny.
C-Dic singing Louis Armstrong! and the laugh at the end of the song, nice Pete and Eddie reference there (if anyone doesn't know what i'm talking about, Pete and Eddie is a series TN did that can be seen on the site and that puppet was character C-Dic in the series (mods can't delete me for that as the site i'm refering to IS related))
I agree with the guy below me on Eric's hair. He looks much better now.
"Eric's sister has condoms!" I laughed there xD


erics hair was creepy...


nice song in the comment :P

The DVD's Been Discontinued!

But I haven't got enough money from whoring myself to buy the DVD yet!!

Just joking, I didn't actually whore myself, but I still wanna get the DVD!

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Dec 23, 2003
1:37 AM EST