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da elf that kills himself

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Music video I was Making for an original SkwYrm tune I wrote a few x-mas ago. It's about an elf so tired of working for santa he wants to end it all... the blackness halfway thru is for dramatic effect, to concentrate on the lyrics, altho I now regret it and feel I should have added some more stuff...


Nice job

I liked the song, it was really funny. I'd have preferred if you had cut down on the swear words though.When I was going to watch this, I thought that it would be about this elf that keeps messing up attempts to commit suicide. That's about it. Keep up the good work.


Where do you come up with this stuff!?!

Because it all kicks ass.


Wow! This was a really great movie. The storyline and everything was great. You should make a sequel! Seriously screw everyone that says this sucks,It's Awsome!


this movie was pretty bad until the video ended and you just heard the shitty song. then it was horrible. maybe he wanted to kill himself because he watched this flash you made about him.

Not bad at all...

But you cut it off without telling us that the movie ended. Cool music and cool graphics though.

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3.04 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
11:18 AM EST
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