diablo 2 duel:barb VS nec

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this is my first movie so don't expect a miracle in graphics.-i'm now learning to draw since some really complained about the sights.
update:added the buttons on the end to re-choose the winner


Exellent job!

Very good. Necromancer's attacks were good! The ending for Necromancer was very, very funny. The whole part was good. It is the best movie I've ever seen. Great job for your movie.:D

Pretty good for your first flash

The music got kinda annoying after a while, and the barbs ending was pretty short, but it was still pretty good 8/10!

It was good.

It was good!

Pretty good

This is pretty decent representation of a fight and it's pretty good. And to the guy before me apparently you either have not faced a good necromancer. Because Necromancers are harder to play than most others and I would know because I mostly play Necromancers. And also. Are you forgeting minions? curses? golems? And also armor? For example what if the person is a summoner and has 30 minions, casts Amp Damage or Decrep. It is possible for the so called Barbarian to get unmercifully pwned. And I would know because I've done that and even killed higher level people that I am. Also take into account the sub necromancer types. Boner (yes i know I said boner stfu), PnB, Summon, and Melee.

Z-Raziel responds:

i just don't understand one thing...i made another moovie of a d2 duel...i thought i did better...but it has a score equal to this one.

nice but......

In diablo 2, a fight between a necromancer would go something like this: Necromancer: bone armor, several bone spirits. Barbarian: leap attack at necro, if not one hit kill then either frenzy or whirlwind. Either way, the necromancer would lose almost immediately. Good flash though.

Z-Raziel responds:

thanks i'm glad you liked it . Sometimes theese fights can last a few more seconds then that :) so i thought i'd put out a longer fight as noone likes short semi-good flashes.

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2.90 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
10:16 AM EST