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Sky Arena

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This is my computer sciences exam project, I did the graphics and a class friend did the actionscripting, but he doesn't have a ng account...
Sorry it's in Dutch, but our computer sciences teacher is retarderdly stupid...

Propulse - up arrow
Retropropulse - down arrow
Rotate - left and right arrow
Fire - Spacebar

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the game is good its just that the ship is slippery when i move it.


You know man, this reminds me of a game I used to play when I was younger, it was called ASTEROIDS, and what a great game that was, call it a hunch, but I for some reason think that you got most of your ideas for this game from asteroids, if i'm wrong please tell me, because I would hate to offend a BRILLIANT game creator like you, I mean, I wouldnt want to associate you with the COUNTLESS OTHER PEOPLE who put the games asteroids on newgrounds. Whats next, your brilliantly original masterpiece called space invaders


Cool game, man. Really fun to play although it's quite easy. It gets harder as it goes along but it never really gets MUCH harder. The guns should be more aggresive, in my opinion. And maybe more sounds, gun fire maybe a little music. Nice job but could use some improovemtents


Well not too bad, except that it goes from nothing dificult to all difficult but Ill overlook it this time. Otherwise a great game even though it is a rip of astroids but astroids is a good game and you did a good job making sure that this was too. So I give it a 10, and a 5/5. Be happy Im a tough critic, and completly of subject I do this so I can get experience being a critic, do you think that Newgrounds is a good place to start. Well anyways Damn GJ and make another except where you have to potect a planet or something ok. Well anyways later and flower power man.

Nothing but an Asteroids rip

still for the sake of asteroids goodness I can't rate it all that bad, but at least in Asteroids you don't slide so much.

Ville-Kev responds:

right ,and what flashes do you have?

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
5:09 AM EST