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Hanuka Special

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Hapyy Hanuka, X-mass, Kwanzza, Ramadan and all of that shit!!

finnaly my movie is complete
took me awhile and in time for Hanuka!

I have worked really hard on making this movie so please dont blam me just because Im a clock or jewish.
and Pro clocks or clock, dodnt "fifen" it just because Im a clock. be fair you guys...

the music I added after I finished the animation, so all of the cool matches between the animation and music are completly couinsidence...


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This was a really sincere cartoon! It's great that you did one about Hanuka. You see so few movies or anything about that holiday. It's weird, because it does seem to get mentioned a lot. I assume you are yourself Jewish. It's weird how there's so many famous Jews but few Hanuka movies.

Not going to mention "Eight Crazy Nights". Hey, there's always "A Rugrats Hanuka"! I just love the animation. It's so adorable. Happy Hanuka!

NICE!But that swastika is the symbol of Buddhism,not Nazism.

Im a jew please don't be racist of me i hate nazi just 2 Hannukah fire was created


Lol nazi juice!

im jewish.. dont get me wrong


That was great jew power i know how he feels