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Foamy's 5 ways

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Well 4 minutes until F-day is over and heres my movie. Well enjoy!



ya man way to kill that god damned squirel!!! THe blender was that best XD keep it rolling


none of you clock fags. make good flash. you all suck and should burn in hell

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burn in fucking hell

we-e-e-ell look who it is with another shitty faggy flash! Well, that sucked. You were trying to make fun of Foamy, and did a horrible job at it. I fuckin hate you clockcrew basterds. I hope Tom just goes around, and rids us of these crappy flashes. I cant fuckin take it anymore!

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Are you the most crappiest person EVER at this

I have only known flash for 2 weeks and my animations kicks yours. This is the lamest most stupidist thing i eva wasted my stupid time watching... I would rather watch rosy O'Donnel sing an old song like American Pie or sumtin.... This is the lamest thing i eva freakin saw..... you gotto get a life man.... sure u got a lot of contrubibutions but there all crap dammit... u suck.... this ani was a waste of mine and everyones (even ppl who havent seen it) freakin time.... Waste of my time... Waste of ur time.... Learn flash dumass.... get some decent sound programs.... i dont give a crap if you got state-of-the-art program, ur animations will still suck donkey balls.... Come back when u got something worth the measily 2mb on newgrounds.... that was worthless. how long did it take you to do that.... 2 minutes... if longer u need mental help or jus pop some pills.... cos ur gonna need them.... my lil brother can do better than that and he was born 3 days ago.... u worthless peice of newgrounds space.... I wish i could spit on your computer for even making that crap.... seriously dude getta life u desparate loser... When i wanna c something crap i neva thought even a kid of 11 age cood do that crap... If i wasnt watching the simpsons rite now i woold go on and u'll be sorry u were eva born...

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My God...

You suck more then I thought!!Get a life off newgrounds you dip shit

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1.94 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2003
8:57 PM EST
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