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im simple :P

i give u a 2... just because im very easy to entertain and i like flashing colors. other that that i agree with death-affiliate that u should get ur own ideas and stop trying to entertain people with this crap.


You sir, have just made my day.

Potheadeus responds:

good to hear :D


Okay listen. I'm not a huge Foamy Fan by any means. I don't wank off while drooling over a poorly drawn squirrel. But the fact is, you make sucky flashes, saying how much you hate a crappy flash. Just seriously, make something original. It's getting annoying, and you have only 2 flashes. Look at it this way, the only reason you're not getting blammed is because a bunch of crappy artists who hate a pre-pubescent squirrel who screams randomn curses. I think that you're a decent artist and all, but come up with something original and animate it. Quit being whiny. You lil PMSing girl.

Potheadeus responds:

cock joke


Ok, first of all, im not going to make any comments to you personally, as im sure that every person put effort into work. I know that you dont like the foamy flashes, as seen before with you last flash. I reviewed it with a negitive comment and got a negitive response(whoda thought?), so im taking everything into consideration this time.

Ill just get to the point. I like the foamy flashes. I do. Its animaton is smooth and crisp. The flashes have interesting points(not all of them are complaining about the world). Theres also interesting characters. Im just saying that theres more to foamy than complaints.

Thats all I wanted to say. I hope youll take it into consideration that not everyone will agree with each other(as im sure you know). Thank you for letting me reanounce myself.

Potheadeus responds:

das coo my nig, we'ziz all brothas in heer


Not exactly as bad as the other one that you made... Which I gave complete 0's. You know what, you need to be more mature about your responses. And... the replay button I think I reconize it from ebaumsworld's 'Dub' thing.... I consider you cut and pasted it. BTW, how could a hockey mask (Unless that is a JAson refrence) and a barral kill a... nvm its a squirrel duh....

Potheadeus responds:

You cant cut buttons out of movies. And to add to it, I have never been to this ebaumsworld in my entire life.

Maybe my responses would be more mature if my reviews were.

Anyways, shutup.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2003
12:33 PM EST
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