Snowman Present Catcher

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Just a simple christmassy game.
Click and hold the snowman and move your mouse for movement, or click and hold, then release to jump, remember get a bad present and your present catching days are over!


Wasn't too bad for a first entry...

Sorry if it wasn't your first, not much time to check.
Was confusing at first, and the fact there was no sound was a bit of a bummer, but other than that it wasn't too bad. Although quite a few times i got presents and snowman went right through them.

-Instructions page?
-Bit better graphics?
-Bit more vairiety?

With these in the game would be great. I gave it a 5 as it is a pretty good idea, although not entirely original.

not good

was a bit boring. Took a while to work out how to work the game, have a instructions page with a movie showing you how to play.


It's not great, interesting for a minute and/or two, then it's just boring and sleep-through worthy.
Doesn't help that the scoring system doesn't work properly. Nice graphics, needed some sounds.


well the game lacks fun because of the whole present thing you need more things to do in this game you need a power bar i could't see how far i was going to jump witch sucks also it's not that hard all in all i would not play this game again


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2.24 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2003
10:15 AM EST
Skill - Collect