Man Hunter

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Just a short silent movie I did yesterday. Vote it well.
PS: Xmas fighting game coming soon! KRISTMAS KOMBAT


pretty good

the idea is orignal and well made, to the unspectng viewer the title means nothin until u watch it. very clever and a nice flash

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Aside from the fact that this movie had no point what so ever. The animation was kinda cool. I like that you seem to do a lot of frame by frame indy drawing. You union skin a lot? Hmmm. Any way the piano sounded almost like the piano from the movie eyes wide shut. But the piano on your movie didn't anger me like the piano on eyes wide shut. I hated that movie! And like your movie there was no point to it either. But unlike your movie it was like an hour and a half of bull. So good job of keeping your movie short. I like the animation method that you use. Hope you keep the work up.


hey tore.... hvornår laver du gammel man 9....

de var så PISSE fede

Pretty Cool

It was a funny animation, but it was a weird story eheh, keep up the good work! :D

Ok, now i've seen it all:p

That has got to be the weirdest flash I have ever seen. Whoever dreamt this should be locked away, as this clearly shows psychotic tendencies. Anyhoo, it was alright, for an Andy Warhol-esque piece. Got a bit boring though at the end.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Going to clean his eyes now, as they just saw something really boring.

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3.35 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2003
6:22 PM EST
Comedy - Original