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Strategy Guide Ep. 2

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*** Strategy Guide has a website! ***

Welcome to Strategy Guide, hosted by everyone's favorite intergalactic space alien, Guido, and his pet cow Jorge! This time, Guido picks one of the toughest Nintendo games ever made, and attempts to prove it is impossible.

As promised (and on time might I add), I present to you: Episode 2! You don't need to watch episode 1 to understand this, as each episode stands on its own. Those of you who are familiar with the series should notice that the animation is a lot more fluid. To make a long story short, I changed my technique and jacked the fps from 24 to 30, for your viewing pleasure! Please enjoy the cartoon - your laughs and support keep me going.

And now for the Episode 2 FAQ, because you KNOW someone will ask!

Q: I was expecting more of the family after seeing the trailer. What gives?

A: This episode serves as a great jumping point for future installments. I now have a universe of characters at my disposal. Unfortunately, I have to introduce those characters before I can use them! So, episode 2 serves and an introduction to the Strategy Guide universe. Each following episode will contain one or more of Guido's family members.

Q: I've gotten to stage 3! Do you really suck?

A: No, I've made it to stage 3 as well (although admittedly, only a few times). This is what we in the cartoon business like to call a joke. :)

Q: Do you know the Stage Select Code for this game?

A: Yer darn tootin I do! Hold Right and press B, B, B. Release Right and press Up, B, B, B, Left, B, B, B, Down, B, B, B, Start.

Q: Are you in this for the money?

A: I'm in this because I find Guido as funny as you do!

Q: The Intro song ROCKS OUT! Where can I get more information about this band?

A: Go to RAGE's website! http://www.rage-on.de/ ... they've been around for years, and have many albums from which to choose. I recommend you buy them all. They're very talented musicians.

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I admit to being disappointed it didn't show more of the game. The first review showed a lot more. Well, it was mostly drawn but you get the idea. Guido is still pretty entertaining. I wasn't expecting to learn about his family tree. I guess this should have focused more on the game.

The length of this was pretty good. Guido has as much clothing as Simon does! What a hypocrite! I mostly like game reviews. This was just a little lacking.

I beat the game lol I used cheats)

A new game, Alien.

That vid focuses more on his family than the game!

New game in the series coming out on the iPhone.

you should know

you can do a lot of damage with a porcupine and a cheese grater

just to let you ppl know

just to let you know. the scenery he's using is form an OOOOLD old game
called jumpjet. (or space jumper i cant remember) it was highly entertaining untill you got to mars. >:( i never could beat it like my brothers.

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Dec 13, 2003
12:07 PM EST
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