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Breakdance Freestyle

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I've been working on this on and off for the past 3 months. I haven't seen any other good breakdance games around so I tried to make my own. I tried to include as many moves as I could but I have a really crappy computer and it takes a long time to get into flash and change things in it once the file size gets too big. Hope you like it!


I didn't think this game was very appealing. I think its main fault is that it's just too simple. I guess that might sound like a strange thing to say coming from a game where there are in fact a lot of styles. I just didn't understand it much myself. The stick figure drawing seemed way too lame in this. It just doesn't hold up well.

I guess I can't find anything particularly entertaining. With more of an actual game, this could be better. At least the choices for music weren't that bad. I have just played many games that are much better than this. I can see why it hasn't become that popular.




It was ok, but you do get bored after a while.

not bad

im a Pro Breakdancer and all that and i think u coverd this quite well. my only sugetion is is that you should have more complex moves in there like air flares windmils coin drops and all that good stuff. with all that you would have a better variety and all that. i belive u have som very good talent and with some work you can make a really good b-boy flash =D keep at it.

It was the most pointless game I have ever played.

It was easily the most pointless game I have ever played. I love the whole "Madness" look that everyone is using in their flash games, but this one's art was pretty annoying. I do not have any idea who would want to play a break dancing game, but I found it to be extaordinarily boring. There was also almost no reason to play in that there was no timer, no scoring, and no other way to know that you were doing anything. Death was silly and too easy to avoid.
The author of this game obviously has SOME talent, but I think he should put it to use on something else.
shoeboy99: You need to make your game seem finished. Add some scoring and somthing to achieve or avoid. Make it seem like you're not just messing with a funky screen saver. Also, dancing is a horrible subject for a video game.

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3.24 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2003
6:10 PM EST
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