Busch's Senate Speech

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(sorry for the quality and length, I had to rush the completion of it to 3 hours)

Hey everybody! It's our president 'Jorge Busch' and he's got something to say! Let's listen...

Ending Audio: 'Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl' by Deadsy

Random intresting stuff: At my first attempt at this project, I put over 60 hours into it, it was soo perfect...

But then my computer crashed...

...I lost everything! *pouts*

While I was working on this, my English teacher wanted me to do a 'Mockmentary' (like the 'Bowling for Columbine' movie). I happily accepted this project since I was almost finished with what I thought could pass off as the project. Well when the movie got accidentally 'deleted', I was denied an extension by my teacher and ended up throwing this together in 3 hours this morning. (Maybe I should take out the flags, it might look better...)
I came accross the sound track portion of it last year and used it for another project for my History class which had all of us watching one of old Georgie's boring senate speeches, and the people liked it, even though I failed the project and got called into the office. *snickers*

Remember kids: Jesus saves! ...and so should you when you are working on a major flash project. ^^p

Yes, I am working on a better version of it now, but I guess you have to wait for that. I just thought it would be funny just to put up a 'early' version of it. Enjoy!

Peace, love, yiff, have a merry christmas, and keep up the great work,


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A little funny. Horrible animatiion, horrible synching and a pretty poor idea.


the good:
nice graohics, great lip sync, funny speech.

the bad:
the sound quality is a bit low, and it' quite boring to watch Jorge all the time...

the ugly:
try to get a better sound quality, and maybe it would be a good idea to show the audience every once in a while, so that the flash itself isn't so boring anymore.

Realistic footage of George Walker Bush

"Go home and die." That was wicked! In a good way.
The only thing that shows that the speech is forged is that there aren't enough mistakes and self-humiliating-sentences.

Kool, man!


how is this so close to the worst of all time i loved.


who the heck is trying to blam this(damn bush lovers) its hilarious. violence and interactivity low cuz there is none.... you mustve taken forever getting those sound clips cut and put together so well and im impressed and you get my 5 and my attempt to save

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3.22 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2003
1:33 PM EST
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