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Poninjas Episode Two

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[top score: 4.02] ATTENTION: I am working on a better episode three that is up to par with 1 and 2. Expect it in 'bout 3-4 days.

FAQ yay!
-Wtf were you smoking when you made #3?
I did not make #3. My friend did.

-Where's the music from?
It's from the resource disk that comes with the game maker called MMF. (www.clickteam.com)
-what happened to the cool font?
I'm gonna make the 'BOSS' alarm different for each 'toon. Change is good :)
-Wtf? No blood?!?!
Yes, no blood. I have lots of friends who are 8- so i can't make the violence too realistic. P'raps i'll make a special remix of one of the episodes later with blood and guts and stuff... we'll see.

Kewl, another gewd rating. Thnx guys! [a couple little animation tweaks added]

Yay it's here! Poninjas Episode Two. Hope you enjoy it.

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This episode was slightly better. Hey, it has a background! Well, it's just one line, but it's something. I assumed the boss would be bigger. The way he dodged the bullets was probably the best part. I like how they turn red before disappearing.

It's a nice effect. I liked the fast paced action. It still came off as too short. Madness stuff is usually longer. Okay, I shouldn't compare the two that much.


i game would be awesome


the falling scene was especially funny, and the begging ninja at the beginning was funny

The sign

It says "I'm in the movie!w00t!
10 ratings
5 vote
like always