Cletus the Fetus ep 8

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no one can understand cletus in this one. ooo well try to enjoy anyway


I understood...

He said "Do you think that our culture brings down entire roofs of people to the point that the only way they can survive in our socisity is by doing stupid and entertaining things?" Ya.. i understood nice :) Cool flash. i just though i would review this one :)


"Do you think society..." err, that was about the extent of what I understood of Cletus' monolouge. Although you joke about not being able to understand what he says, audio is one half of the spectrum of how to rate a movie along with visuals on the other side. So, if it is near impossible to make out what a character is saying, then that is just a sign that there could be some improving somewhere along the movie. It is fine and dandy if you want to make these movies quick and consist of one joke, but if you do make sure that the joke is funny and people get it. It could be assumed that Cletus was talking about negative stigmas that people have about other races, and then have a central character say "bling, bling!" but it is not funny and was kind of a let down. Your characters are the same ones in regards of designs as usual, and still have rigid movements that also need some improvements.



Good political statement, as well as humour, and in only about 15 seconds!

((( LOL )))

Ok now that was just a cheater episode, you know you could have made it alot longer then that now comon, anyways sound seems to be a problem, maybe turn it up or somthing...


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Now thats what Im talkin bout!

(what was he talkin bout?)

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2003
2:56 PM EST
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