The CandyBar

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(this is my first upload to newgrounds so, i don't know what might happen with this..)

The Candybar, the story of two men with the same equal want. The two men caught in the same situation against one another to control the one thing each desires, however their want and lust soon and very quickly turn to Hate...



It was a pretty good stick fight. And then you added a pretty funny part right at the end. Nice music selection for the movie too. Great for a first film.

((( OK )))

Cool music at the right time was great, the little twist on the film was also kinda neat, but the music really worked well, and it made me laugh just abit so nice work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Funny and great music...



I liked it it was funny.

Nice, not really original (except for the suicide)

Look, lotsa people did the stick-man-fighting stuff, you have to move on, to some new ideas, even with the stick-man, i mean.. everyone can use him but WHY ALWAYS IN FIGHTS?, though it looked kinda nice..
yeah and nice songs.. don't know how you could make the film so small with all the sounds.. hmm..
and.. the thingy with the candy bar wasn't really that original either, i saw lots of stuff about that..
Sorry i am being so rough, i am always critisizing rough, :\

I loved it!!!

Okay, I loved the music you picked, especially the first song and I loved the movie, greta stuff... Make more like this! I loved the humor, the music, the blood effects and the story. This in some way is unique and nobody has done some
thing like this so far! Keep the ideas coming!

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3.20 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2003
5:29 PM EST
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