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Author Comments

The CEO of a British manufacturing firm makes on average eighteen times the salary of his/her average employee. In Germany the same CEO makes only thirteen times the average salary his/her corporation pays out. In the United States a CEO in the manufacturing industry makes on average four hundred and forty one times the salary of his/her average employee. This appalling discrepancy in earning power has consequences that stretch far further than simple economics. In a democracy, everyone’s voice has the same volume, and everyone’s opinion is given equal weight. In America this is decidedly untrue. Our society no longer works as simply as it once did, when a presidential hopeful would take a train across country speaking at the major cities along the way. Now is the time of mass media; television, radio, newspapers and magazines carry information from coast to coast and into people’s homes. These new media cost money, and only those with the most money can afford the exorbitant fees charged for a 30 second commercial spot on a national television syndicate. These peoples voices are magnified to thousands of times the volume and impact of the average American, and fed directly into the nation’s collective ears. The detrimental effect of this monetary magnification of opinion is especially apparent in politics. While there are myriad political parties, only two consistently manage to raise enough money to organize the massively expensive election campaigns used to promote their candidates. The other parties cannot advertise thusly, leading to enormously fewer votes and their continuing exclusion from the nationally televised presidential debates. In the same manner those wealthy individuals and corporations that can afford to donate millions of dollars to the campaign funds of the two main parties gain massive political sway with the members of said party. In this manner we receive our government as surely as if it were a dictatorship. A party empowered by its money, acting in the name of those who provided its funding. Capitalism at its finest.

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Capitalism sucks,and Socialism (Marxism) is the solution,Socialism was applied in the Soviet Union for 60 years,I heard it was awesome there,no crime,no gangs,no drugs,equality,jobs and homes for everyone,they had more freedoms then americans.And I know people that were born there and went there.Oh and for the record Communism is the highest level of Socialism,they were both created by an economist called Karl Marx.

Needs more animation in it

This was a pretty good message, however instead of putting the message in the author's comments, you should have instead used the flash film itself to explain all of this, instead of a stickman with stilts walking up to a microphone in a crowd of stick people and then ending the flash like that. If you explain your whole point in the flash, then more people would pay attention to this.

NewEvolution responds:


The guy on the money is the only one who can reach the mic and be heard.


The giant text that pops up says "Inequality Destroys Democracy."


Nope, no idea what the point is.

Too True

Good work, keep the facts roling

NewEvolution responds:

Thanks, glad you liked the message. Pay-to-play politics only gives voices to those who pay the most.


This is typical communist propaganda and there is no factual evidence to actually back this up. I'm not gonna actually debate this in a review (I know this movie is a bit old but it seems like you still respond after so many years so maybe you're still responding?) as I have no chance to actually debate against your response which will probably inherit much slander towards me and my views.

I'd love to take this somewhere else, perhaps PM or if you have some kind of instant messaging service, although I'm not pushing my luck since that would make you a part of evil capitalist globalization.


NewEvolution responds:

There are a broad spectrum of both social and economic outlooks between communism and capitalism, but it seems you've taken a binary stance on the matter. Capitalism is no more "evil" than any other ideology, it simply is. My issue is with the discrepancy between the working and upper classes in the United States, an the impact that has on the political system. Those with more money hold more sway, and when the disparity between the middle-class and the rich is as huge as it is here, that is a dangerous equation. Yes, both have the same single vote, but the multi-billionaire has far more strings available for their pulling to move legislation and sway popular opinion in their and their candidates' favor.

this is a fun website

so why the hell are you putting this shit on it jesus man god

NewEvolution responds:

Because even though it may not work for you, it may make some people think just a little.

This is a good thing.

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2.49 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2003
4:20 AM EST