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well this is great. I understand some people like me on Newgrounds and some people hate me. well for those who like me I made a special sound board for you. And for those who don't like me ill dress up in a santa suit. Crap in a box wrap it up and set it under your tree. Anyway enjoy this (yet again)Sound Board!@#$%^&*() I dont know why I did that.


meh i can get better sounds from the actual show

that wasnt that good....like guy b4 me said not that clear so u can just bite my not so shiny =P not metal @$$


the sounds were too long, some were too quiet and not too clear. design could have looked more like a soundboard, but that makes no difference it wasnt horrible though.


Futurama is another example of a great show and it is great to see that it is getting some sort of recognition on Newgrounds. This is a nicer soundboard than some of your others, it is organized and easy to read. However, there are way to many spelling errors. The overall look is good and I hope to see more from you, possibly by character and with proper titles, ie "rings are gay."

funny mix together

i found out if you hit zoidberg and when he says say hit up yors bimbo and it will be like this.
Pick a mouth open it and say UP YOURS BIMBO.
very very funny its cool.

He says 'a fraud', not 'a broad'...

But Futurama is great. I put humour as 3 because it is not your humour. If you put all sounds on one page, made them all shorter, and got rid of those incessantly oscillating characters, this could be better. That's right, incessantly oscillating.

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2.54 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2003
1:09 AM EST
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