Retarded Animal Babies 6

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Gettin' the holidays off to a crotch-walloping start! Enjoy!

If you're more than a little worried about me after watching this one, I guess I wouldn't blame you. I suppose you're also a bit miffed that this one took so long and it's "only" 5 minutes long or so. But I just want you to know that it's only because I had one finger up my asshole the entire time I made this. And man, scanning and vectorizing get REAL messy tryin' to do that. But I did it!

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HAHAH Horrayyy I found all 15 things your thankful for !!

another good one

Well here was another good one, the characters always great and doing something pretty crazy, love the animation and flashy effects theres really not mich to change up on this at all, but I do think that "PLAY" button could still use some upgrades of some sort could be larger ofcourse. Now its stuff like this that I really take a like too, it has all the elements and has just some unique sense about them, so you have done a good job here and while I do say that there could be more done, but I wont touch up on that yet, And with everything just said I certainly found this to be interesting, entertaining and some allurring visuals so nice efforts there, it was even pleasent, So thats tells me you did a pretty good job on this piece, but anyways I was pleased with the outcome of it all, and hope to see more like this with even more effort aswell, anyways good luck.

that play button could still use some upgrades of some sort could be larger ofcourse.


I've watched this multiple times. Yet i still feel the urge to re-play this today.

I love this series, its really funny and the donkey is my fav i love how stupid he is XD

This was one of the best episodes you ever made! I didn't care that it wasn't that long. It was still hilarious. I hadn't until recently found out about these Easter eggs. Those were a lot of fun. Wait, this is Thanksgiving!

Actually, it's Christmas now, whatever. I really do appreciate the animation. Donkey is always funny. I was not expecting that ending at all. I guess they do care for Bunny after all.